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The Sheppard/Weir Ship Community


John Sheppard And Elizabeth Weir Shippers
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This journal does not promote, encourage, or condone illegal activities. Any portrayal of illegal activities is purely fictional. Please see our full disclaimer here.

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WELCOME to the first John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir Shippers Community and the first forum, of any kind, for John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir shippers. It all began here. :) We hope this 'ship will grow as these two dynamic individuals from Stargate Atlantis grow closer together.

NOTE: This community is no longer checked regularly by myself. Therefore, open posting, and requests to post, are no longer necessary. Post as you wish as long as it is Stargate related, Sheppard and Weir related, related to the actors, or convention related.

Melody (pellmelody)
- community maintainer

"Sparky" Explaination:

First off, many new S/W fans have asked where the term "Sparky" came from with regards to Sheppard/Weir. This explaination was written by Jackie, a moderator at The Affinity Forum. It includes a link to the very first usage (a joke, I might add) for Sparky on the S/W Yahoogroup:

Some may wonder why the name "Sparky" came about for the John/Elizabeth pairing.

This is the first use of Sparky as a name for the relationship.


Once upon a time, back when the Sheppard_n_Weir mailing list first began, Nos, A.j., and Little Red (the list mum and mods) were pondering a name for the pairing in order to stem the tide of the much feared smushy names (a.k.a. 'Shweir' or 'Johnabeth'). After some discussion, Nos decided to call it "Sparky." As you can see in the above link, it was for totally random reasons. Basically, it was a joke.

However, the name caught on, and what started out as something silly soon became a LEGEND shrouded in mystery among Stargate Atlantis fans. Today, people use "Sparky" without knowing how it came to be - they've gone so far as to invent reasons like "they're electric" and "someone used it in a J/E fic and it caught on" - some, like the former, seem reasonable, while others, like the latter, are what we folks call an "urban legend." The creator herself (Nos) even forgot who invented it, but upon research soon discovered her rightful place as the creator of "Sparky."

Since then, Pooh, Rose, and I have invented names for other pairings. "Spanky" is for Ronon/Teyla, and "Snappy" is for Rodney/Radek. Apparently, some other groups may be nicknaming their favorite pairings similarly, so don't be surprised if the Lantis fandom is flooded with "S---y" nicknames.


Please read these rules and "netiquitte" for the community:

- I encourage all Sheppard/Weir fans to be enthusiastic and excited about the 'ship, but please try to keep your zealousness to a "simmer." Overly silly or gushy posts about the characters' appearances, comments of a sexual nature, "squeeing" comments about various scenes in the episodes, etc. need to be kept to a minimum. It can be a turn off to people who would like prefer to read serious discussions, and/or don't want to dig through a lot of posts on their journals. Try to be mature in your postings.

- All posts must be Sheppard/Weir related. NO posts about Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Elizabeth Weir only, or John Sheppard only are acceptable. There are many other communities for just the actors and/or their characters. Remember that some fans are strictly 'ship fans and may not want to see anything not ship related. However, posts regarding Torri or Joe attending an upcoming convention are allowed.

- Please remember to put all fan fiction (including dedications and notes) behind a cut. That way, it cuts down on community clutter. You have to remember that many people also belong to other communities and it's a lot to "weed" through on their flist.

- Exercise some discretion and common sense when cross-posting. Most of us are members of other Atlantis-related communities. There's nothing wrong with advertising things you've created, but please be reasonable about it. When you post to this community as well as six or seven others, a lot of people are going to get multiple copies of the same entry, clogging up friends lists. We're really not trying to crimp anyone's glee here, but a little more consideration won't hurt anyone. It can be especially frustrating to see an identical entry over and over when one subscribes to a lot of related communities.

- Use ratings when posting fan fiction. We do have "minors" on this community and any fan fiction that could be considered adult/mature in nature should be clearly labeled, along with what episodes titles that could be spoiled within the fan fiction.

- Also, the only OFF TOPIC postings allowed must be SGA related and must clearly give a warning that it is OFF TOPIC. If the post is more than a couple of lines, please place it behind a cut. No OFF TOPIC discussions regarding other shows, other projects the actors have done, the actors' personal lives, etc.

- Flaming isn't tolerated. You'll be warned twice. After that, you gotta go. We don't need "in-fighting" within the fandom. We get enough "wank" from other 'ship groups. Also, no nasty comments about other 'ship groups/people or the actors, and please keep any disparaging comments about other 'ship pairings to a bare minimum. I know it can't always be avoided, but keep in mind that there are people who 'ship other pairings on SGA as well as Sheppard/Weir. Don't join in to "rip" on other 'ships. We're bigger and better than that.

- Remember that Live Journal gives you a way to proofread your comments. When in doubt of the spelling of words, please use the spell checker, and proper punctuation. I know we have some fans whose first language isn't English. Just do the best you can.

- Please feel free to add fan fiction (any rating as long as it's noted clearly), icons, wallpaper, links to videos, etc. However, do not take people's artwork and use it on you own website or forum without asking the permission of the artist first.

- Please note that this forum is in English. While we have people from all over the world reading and posting here, the vast majority speak and write in English. Therefore, it is the preferred language here on the community. If you wish to post your fiction in a language other than English, please note, in English that the fiction will be posted in another language. That way, our readers know what to expect before clicking the link.